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Jon Stewart’s 60 min MBA

After 16 years of delivering a nightly dose of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart left us with his final Moment of Zen.   A quick camera pan to the left, a final mock pen stroke and like a dandelion gone to seed, satirical segments disappeared into the wind.    An era ended as the drifting beat of […]

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Do You Have Career FOMO?

Have you ever suffered from FOMO? It’s not a strange new illness it’s the Fear of Missing Out. You know the deal. You introduce two friends at a networking event and now they’re off playing tennis or meeting for a coffee—without you—and somewhere inside you it doesn’t feel so good. Other FOMO experiences you might’ve […]

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4 Tips For Celebrating your Independence 365 Days a Year

If you’re reading this, you’ve had the moment. You remember. That instant when you suddenly knew beyond any doubt that you would not be tied down to a desk, would not commute to the same building everyday and be stuck there on someone else’s schedule, attending endless time-wasting meetings and expending your precious creative energy […]

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Goldilocks in Search of an Office Makeover

When I think about the various work spaces I’ve sat in throughout the course of my career, I feel a little like Goldilocks. When it comes to your desk in the corporate world, the old adage is true—size does matter. I reached the place in my career where I had a big-ass desk. But…and there’s […]

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The Original Paper Doll

‘Where are the women?’ I wondered. ‘Why aren’t there any female creative directors?’ That’s what I was thinking six years ago while working in a position where many people, many male people, pitched me ideas all day long.  Studies now show that only 3% of creative directors are women. Seriously? This sparked an idea—I had […]

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