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DOLLFACE: Abby Listo

DollfaceAMeet Paper Dolls studio member Abby Listo, Business and Market Development for GLAMSQUAD, the on-demand, app-based beauty provider that delivers professional and affordable hair, makeup and nail services to your home, office, hotel, or wherever you may be.


Q: What’s your job like?

A: I basically handle all aspects of the business whether it’s a launch or an established market. I’m opening new markets, planning events, marketing, play-booking processes, and overseeing the LA team.


Q: What kind of experience led you to this job?

A: My past jobs include: Launch and Head of Marketing & Special Projects for Uber Southern California (I was also one of the first 100 employees), Account Executive for InterActive Corp, Events Manager for Coca Cola, and Campaign Manager for Unilever.


Q: What’s a typical work day in your life?

A: It starts with catching up on emails. Then I’ll have about four partnership calls, and usually one face-to-face meeting. I may be working on building a proposal for a new opportunity, managing the other employee’s projects in my market, (GLAM at Office), head to 1-2 networking or partnered events, and then end the day playing inbox catch-up—writing follow up emails to new contacts.


Q:What excites you about LA  right now?

A: LA’s tech community is growing so rapidly, and it’s nice that we’re building a reputation for ourselves nationally when it comes to the tech industry. I see more and more women’s networking events and opportunities, so I think professional women in LA are realizing that supporting each other leads to positivity and productivity for everyone.

I also like seeing that companies are switching to a more entrepreneurial mentality versus detailed guidelines and strict policies. I see this more in startup companies, and it brings in more applicants because of the freedom given in these new positions.


Q: What inspires you?

A: My close friends and mentors. I moved out here from Cincinnati about 4 years ago. I had to make new friends, and I have met most of them through my professional partnerships and events). Surrounding myself with like-minded, career focused, and hard working people is what keeps me going everyday.

My mentors have been carefully selected. They know what it’s like to start something on their own and turn it into success. They’re well established professionally, they’re networking gurus, they believe in me, and they’re willing to let me give back because they’re hoping to learn a little something from me, too.


Q: Who are some women you admire for their support of other women?

A: The Step Up Women’s Network. The women in this organization are so amazing, and the group really makes a difference in womens’ lives. It focuses on professional women mentoring younger, underprivileged girls, to help them blossom into career-driven ladies. I worked with them on an event and I was so inspired that I joined as an official member of the group. One of the make up artists from GLAMSQUAD who worked the event signed up, too.


Q: Why do you choose co-working?

A: I work so much more effectively and happily when I’m surrounded by like-minded, hard working, and entrepreneurial women. With co-working, I have a mini professional family I am always welcome in.


Q What’s the toughest part of getting started on a project?

A: Organizing your plan of attack so you can be most efficient and effective.


Q: Favorite Quote?

A: “Your network is your net worth”


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