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Dollface Laurel Mintz

headshotWhat’s a typical work day in your life?

Every day is a little different. Whether we are producing an event or photo shoot or working on content and social for a client we are able to be creative every day. As CEO I do most of the business development so my days are also filled with networking, connecting and schmoozing which is my favorite part.

How do you describe the work you do?

At Elevate My Brand (EMB), we exercise a unique marketing methodology that provides innovative, creative solutions for new, emerging brands and well-established companies. We help clients gain the attention and exposure they deserve within their niche markets, regardless of their size or stage of operational growth.   Since our founding in 2009, hundreds of clients have taken advantage of our approach to developing and executing perfectly tailored strategic marketing initiatives to elevate their brands.

What kind of experience led you to the path you’ve chosen for your career today?

I have both a J.D. and M.B.A from Rutgers so my educational background is strong, but I would have to say running my family business when my dad got sick in 2007 was what really opened my eyes to being a business owner. I always thought that I would be in a big corner office downtown, but once I had a taste of running the show, I couldn’t look back.

What was/is the toughest thing about starting your business?

When you first start out you are doing all the business development, client services work and trying to keep your own life afloat….it’s a lot. I think being self motivated all day every day was the toughest in the beginning because it’s such an uphill battle, but then you close a deal or you have an impact for a client and you suddenly forget the hardships. Asking for help has always been really challenging for me since I’m so independent so starting from nothing really humbled me in a way that I never knew before, but it’s what makes me empathetic to my clients as much as my team.

What excites you about Los Angeles right now?

LA is having a moment. With things like Innovate LA and all of the food, art, music and tech that is booming, it’s a really exciting time to be here. I think the world is finally realizing that LA is only a tiny percentage “The Biz” and we are starting to be recognized as being best in class and leaders across multiple creative and business verticals.

Who are some of the woman you admire for their support of other women?

Nicole Kamm at Lewitt Hackman has an incredible group called W2W (women 2 women) that has created a unique supportive environment that’s unlike any other I’ve been a part of so I’m thankful to her. I also adore Sara Qasi from Morgan Stanley. She has created The Lab and Angel Lab, which is LA’s first female focused investment fund which I’ve been honored to be a member of. I could go on on this question forever but those are my top 2 right now.

What do you think are the biggest challenges and opportunities for female founders?

I think we are still in an environment where women are not 100% supportive of each other in a lot of ways because they see each other as competition. I’ve always been a believer in collaboration not competition, but it’s definitely still out there. On the opposite end of the spectrum I’ve also come across the good old boys club, especially in the VC world so that’s the other side of the hurdle.

If you got an entrepreneurial do-over, what is the one thing you wish you would have known or would have changed?

I wish I had believed in myself more from the beginning and hired earlier. The only way for a company to exponentially grow is to bring on great people so that you can continue to evolve. It’s a really scary thing having overhead and people who rely on you but it’s the #1 reason my business has an will continue to grow year over year.

Is work/life balance a myth or a reality and how to you keep grounded?

I think I have a great balance some days and other days I feel like I’m down a rabbit hole. I think the answer to that question depends on the day you ask me. Today is a good day.

Where do you turn for inspiration?

I love curling up with my ipad and reading Fortune or Forbes or Business Week. Reading the stories of other entrepreneurs, inventions or just creative advertising/marketing in those rags all inspire me.   Also if I’m blocked, doing a good clean out of my office or my closet tends to get me going.

Favorite quote or words to live by?

“Anicha” I love this word because it’s about impermanence and the law of change, meaning what arises will pass.  This is a great mantra when you’re having a bad day always knowing that this too shall pass.



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