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PaperDolls_83It’s been an exciting week at the Paper Dolls Studio and we are pleased to share what the following women have launched, announced, supported and made available to you here in Los Angeles and within the world beyond our borders.

Check out what Mitzi Reaugh of GoodLooks, Kristen Kosinski of The Samburu Project, Lisa Tsou of The Winning Pitch, Halie Lear of Yoga Smoga and Jen Mojo of Paper Dolls are making happen.


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Mitzi Reaugh and the GoodLooks team are bringing professional styling to your doorstep.   GoodLooks is offering $20 off your first booking exclusively for friends of Paper Dolls.

Browse our selection of top LA Personal Stylists who can help you with all your styling needs.  A stylist can help you with a closet clean-out to optimize your closet, focusing on what items to keep and which to add.  Or enlist a stylist for a personal shopping trip whether it’s for a special event or a general wardrobe refresh.

Use Coupon Code:  PAPERDOLLS during the check-out process


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Kristen Kosinski followed her heart to Africa and put her mind to work on how to help serve the women of Samburu.   10 years later, she is an entrepreneur giving back to other budding female entrepreneurs in Kenya by providing access to clean water and helping to support a community supporting a community.   On Saturday, November 7th, the Samburu Project hosts a day of inspiration with their annual Splash Bash.

Please join us in sharing the start up spirit and register for the Splash Bash.     Enter the Code: Paper Dolls to save 25% on the cost of tickets to the event.


Screenshot 2015-10-15 15.22.59Lisa Tsou of The Winning Pitch, invites you to Find Your Match and take a Closer Look at the Founder/Co-Founder Relationship.   On November 5th from 6:30pm-9:00pm she will be leading a free event discussion on how to create a successful founding relationship.   To register and join the conversation, click here.


Screenshot 2015-10-15 15.23.48Jen Mojo was invited KTLA to share a journey many of us have made as we moved to dreaming about having our own business to running our own businesses.   Catch her shared tips for Going from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur here


Screenshot 2015-10-15 15.24.00Take 5, actually take 25 Smogi Bucks for yourself.     Stop by the Paper Dolls Studio and pick up $25 worth of Smogi Bucks to use at our neighboring Yoga Smoga.   Smogi Bucks can be used towards the purchase of in store merchandise and accessories.   Get fit and happy with Yoga Smoga!


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