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Who We Are


Founder – Jen Mojo

Paper Dolls is a dedicated network of female entrepreneurs committed to embracing and enhancing the way professional women work, individually and together. We are multidimensional creators who turn blank pages into new businesses. Our members vary in their industries and independent aspirations but share a common belief that women go farther when they go together.

What began as a series of well curated dinner parties has become a collaborative group of dynamic, make-it-happen, professional women – all unique but united in the desire to do business on their own terms. Today, Paper Dolls offers tailored and topical events, curated content, personal introductions and now a  studio working environment to a wider community of women who seek independence, flexibility and a way to stay connected.

In January 2015, Paper Dolls opened our first co-working studio – a beautiful, inspiring place worthy of the professionals who come to work here. Located in Los Angeles, we offer access to a premium workspace surrounded by boutiques, culinary treasures and cutting edge fitness. From full-time private offices to monthly member drop-in desks to virtual office options, the studio flexes to meet the needs of your business.

Join us and like Paper Dolls, connect and grow together.