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What’s Hot is What’s Hot

Summer, in its full splendor is what is Hot in LA this week.  Marked by the two way shut down of PCH as tourists and locals alike stream to the sea to pay homage to LA’s gift from the Gods, we welcome you in all your Coppertone and surfer body glory.     For our […]

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Jon Stewart’s 60 min MBA

After 16 years of delivering a nightly dose of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart left us with his final Moment of Zen.   A quick camera pan to the left, a final mock pen stroke and like a dandelion gone to seed, satirical segments disappeared into the wind.    An era ended as the drifting beat of […]

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Jamie Nack

DOLLFACE: Jaime Nack

What’s a typical work day in your life? A typical day starts with a 7 am workout at the gym and is followed by a mix of investor meetings, conference calls, a webinar pitch, a few walks with Luna (our furry “bark of reason” in the office), a team meeting and a networking dinner. What’s […]

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Alfred’s Coffee

Alfred’s Coffee

We’re tipping our cups to buzz worthy neighbors Alfred’s Coffee.    Keeping our kitchen stocked with their Growler helps to keep our entrepreneurial spirits up all day.

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Kristin Kilmer

DOLLFACE: Kristin Kilmer

What’s your job like? My job does not feel like a job because its really my life’s work.  They say, “make your vocation your vacation and that is what I did;  Its not without everyday stresses but its absolutely worth it! What kind of experience led you to this work? I started off in sales […]

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Do You Have Career FOMO?

Have you ever suffered from FOMO? It’s not a strange new illness it’s the Fear of Missing Out. You know the deal. You introduce two friends at a networking event and now they’re off playing tennis or meeting for a coffee—without you—and somewhere inside you it doesn’t feel so good. Other FOMO experiences you might’ve […]

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Flower Power Happy Hour

Here’s a truly fresh alternative to the early evening bar scene: meet your friends for an after work bouquet making mesh at Fleurish, the DIY floral studio where expert designers guide you step by step as you create gorgeous, creative and absolutely professional-looking arrangements.   Take a class from beginner to designer level, or arrange your […]

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Om sweet Om

We keep hearing about all the amazing benefits meditation brings your mind and body.   After a high-energy work day, why not restore your inner balance with out blissed out neighbors at Unplug, the drop-in meditation center just a few blocks from our Brentwood studio.    Choose from classes in guided visualization, breath work, tapping (a hybrid […]

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DOLLFACE: Abby Listo

Meet Paper Dolls studio member Abby Listo, Business and Market Development for GLAMSQUAD, the on-demand, app-based beauty provider that delivers professional and affordable hair, makeup and nail services to your home, office, hotel, or wherever you may be.   Q: What’s your job like? A: I basically handle all aspects of the business whether it’s a launch or […]

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4 Tips For Celebrating your Independence 365 Days a Year

If you’re reading this, you’ve had the moment. You remember. That instant when you suddenly knew beyond any doubt that you would not be tied down to a desk, would not commute to the same building everyday and be stuck there on someone else’s schedule, attending endless time-wasting meetings and expending your precious creative energy […]

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